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mmmh... no one noticed the "short track" (40s) of the new version of Nounai... on Pierrot's website?

I saw it some days ago, but as I thought some others would see it, I didn't say anything... but as I don't see any reaction anywhere, I guess very few people saw it! (-at least among us, poor jrock-but-non-Japanese-fans-who-don't-even-live-in-Japan/read-Japanese...)

Sooo, it is on this page: http://www.pierrot-web.jp/release/index.html, you need Real Player to listen to it (and even if you don't have it, you can download a freeware version of it from their site [...I mean Real Payer's site, although there's a link to it on Pierrot's site] )

Looks like the good old indies-hardcore will once again yell at "AAAAARGH HOW AWFULLY COMMERCIAL THEY SOUND NOW!!!!!!!!!" +, now, my beloved friends, I think we're gonna have the great pleasure to enjoy the variation: "AAAAAAARGH HOW COULD THEY DO SUCH A THING TO SUCH SONGS, BASTAAAAARDS!!!!!!!"... hardcore-indies fans aren't - ever - happy anyway, so... I think I'll simply have my usual "yeah yeah, we all know, have a drink now..."-smile...
But well... I definitely won't make my mind over an album or even a song from only a 40s short track + with a bad sound, so... we' ll see!
(-trust in Pierrot and good old Don, yeaaaah trust!-)

[+ if you want to know more about "what I may think of these 40s", please visit my journal: http://www.livejournal.com/~polochon/ [I don't care about more people visiting or not, it's only that I don't want to flood communities, and as I'm nearly unable to write "short" comments... I prefer making a short version here, and give a link to my journal, for those who would like to read more details! The best thing being to run to their website and listen to the track, of course...]
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