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Project: Nippon

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^__^ [04 Dec 2003|04:52pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

I'm glad to see I have some members now! Sorry I havn't been checking back, I've been busy getting a storyline started on AOL. If anyone cares to IM me or e-mail me, my AOL SN is IDrunk on ego, email IDrunk on ego@aol.com!

I'll start checking back more often.


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mmmh... no one noticed the "short track" (40s) of the new version of Nounai... on Pierrot's website? [01 Dec 2003|03:58am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

I saw it some days ago, but as I thought some others would see it, I didn't say anything... but as I don't see any reaction anywhere, I guess very few people saw it! (-at least among us, poor jrock-but-non-Japanese-fans-who-don't-even-live-in-Japan/read-Japanese...)

Sooo, it is on this page: http://www.pierrot-web.jp/release/index.html, you need Real Player to listen to it (and even if you don't have it, you can download a freeware version of it from their site [...I mean Real Payer's site, although there's a link to it on Pierrot's site] )

Looks like the good old indies-hardcore will once again yell at "AAAAARGH HOW AWFULLY COMMERCIAL THEY SOUND NOW!!!!!!!!!" +, now, my beloved friends, I think we're gonna have the great pleasure to enjoy the variation: "AAAAAAARGH HOW COULD THEY DO SUCH A THING TO SUCH SONGS, BASTAAAAARDS!!!!!!!"... hardcore-indies fans aren't - ever - happy anyway, so... I think I'll simply have my usual "yeah yeah, we all know, have a drink now..."-smile...
But well... I definitely won't make my mind over an album or even a song from only a 40s short track + with a bad sound, so... we' ll see!
(-trust in Pierrot and good old Don, yeaaaah trust!-)

[+ if you want to know more about "what I may think of these 40s", please visit my journal: http://www.livejournal.com/~polochon/ [I don't care about more people visiting or not, it's only that I don't want to flood communities, and as I'm nearly unable to write "short" comments... I prefer making a short version here, and give a link to my journal, for those who would like to read more details! The best thing being to run to their website and listen to the track, of course...]

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Project: Nippon [20 Nov 2003|03:05pm]

This is a community for j-rock, j-pop, visual kei, and indies discussion. Feel free to share Icons, graphics, and pics! As with all things there are rules, though.

The following are the rules of Project: Nippon.
1. Maturity. Please keep posts at a mature level.
2. Other community advertising it okay, just be sure to not over do it.
3. Please type normal, try not to use "online shorthand" such as 'r' for 'are', 'u' for 'you' etc.
4. Please be sure you know a little j-rock, j-pop, visual kei or indies before you join.

That's all for now!
Thanks for checking out Project: Nippon!
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